Wendy Morrison
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Non-Profit Founder and Advocate in Michigan

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Wendy Jo Morrison, also known as Jo Morris, is the founder of UBU Today. Wendy is an avid Crime Victims Rights advocate. She promotes increased victim rights and empowering victims to use their voices. Her assailant remains in prison today.

Wendy is a passionate advocate for alternative healing modalities specifically related to trauma resolution and disease management. She has been studying and practicing multiple forms of breath-work, somatic experiencing, therapeutic touch, energetic bodywork and meditation.

In 2010, Wendy was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), a terminal and degenerative brain disease with no known cause, treatment OR remission. Since then, Wendy has been seeking and practicing alternative healing modalities. This has led to defying medical understanding and her MSA diagnosis. Wendy is grateful to be an example that a terminal diagnosis does NOT always equate a death sentence.

A life without hope is not living.


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Wendy Jo Morrison is the founder of UBU Today, an avid Crime Victims Rights advocate as well as a passionate advocate for alternative healing modalities.

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