Discovery Episode

During Crime Victims Rights Week, Wendy had the opportunity to formally recognize two women who played a crucial role ensuring that her voice was heard. Following the award ceremony, an article was published in the Detroit Free Press and Livingston County Argus.

This is when Investigation Discovery learned about Wendy’s story and began attempting to connect with her.

Initially, after speaking with them Wendy declined the invitation to film the episode. This was not how she wanted the world to view her and made her feel very vulnerable.

Wendy decided that awareness was necessary for society as a whole to ensure everyone's safety. Wendy knows that everyone is at risk if her assailant is released from prison. She states, “I have an innate obligation to do everything within my power to mitigate this risk to society. This is not about me anymore. This is about you, your daughter, sister, etc.”

Moving forward with the current legislation, every year Wendy must return and sit in front of the appeal board and fight to ensure that he is not released.